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Kim M.
Libertyville, IL
Arnie was great to work with for my divorce. Having been my first, I was nervous and didn’t know who to use. My ex has since told me he was afraid of Arnie. This process is a horrible one, but have the strength to see it through with Arnie.

Suzan L.
Evanston, IL
Arnie has been a wonderful attorney for me. He has been the sword in my divorce battle and has helped me navigate through this difficult transition with compassion and understanding. He has extensive experience in family and divorce law so he knows what to do in every situation. He also knows everyone, and I mean everyone, which has been a tremendous asset in my case. He is also an expert in financial law and has fought very hard for my rights. I don’t know what I would’ve done without all of Arnie’s guidance, mentorship and advice. He is a tough fighter and has stood behind me and my rights all the way and I am so glad I chose him to present me.

Wendy S.
Highland Park, IL
If you are looking for a divorce attorney do not go to the large law firms. They will take all your money and cause more grief. I hired Arnold Goldstein after using 3 of the largest law firms in Illinois. I recommend Arnold because he will handle your divorce with honesty and integrity. He will not drag it on and charge unreasonable fees. He is a family man and knows how important it is to keep the divorce as peaceful as possible.

Tom W.
Lake Forest, IL
Arnold Goldstein represents the best of the attorneys that represent families in both Lake County and Cook County. After working with three other attorneys trying to solve a difficult family divorce Arnold Goldstein was the only one that stepped up and solved the case to both sides satisfaction. He is very thorough and his attention to detail makes him different than most attorneys. Also his ability to bring the other side to the table with reasonable and persuasive arguments, makes him stand out from the crowd. This isn’t some friend or family posting this, this is someone who suffered both personally and financially and was rescued by Mr Goldstein and I can highly recommend him to anyone who’s going through difficult legal family issues in either Cook or Lake County. I highly recommend you considering Mr Goldstein for any legal issues regarding your family or divorce I stand behind these words with sincerity and truth.

Chicago, IL
First to Review
Can’t say enough good things about Mr. Goldstein! He’s been my husband’s lawyer for almost 10 years. He is GOOD! Always winning! Always awesome!