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Hidden Assets Attorney in Lake County & Cook County, Illinois

Revealing Hidden Property During Divorce

To avoid potentially relinquishing valuable assets during a divorce, a financially savvy spouse may attempt to hide money or property. If divorce documentation does not accurately represent all the couple’s assets, one spouse may end up with a lopsided settlement at the end. Fortunately, Highland Park can help you identify and locate all marital assets to ensure a fair outcome.

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Finding Undisclosed Or Concealed Assets

During a divorce, Illinois courts divide marital property according to the equitable division standard. Legally, both spouses must disclose all assets, but all too often a spouse will endeavor to keep a portion of those assets for themselves.

If you were minimally involved with the household finances, it can be challenging to know where to find assets or relevant information. This is especially true if your spouse took care to conceal their tracks. However, attorney Goldstein has substantial experience in finance, accounting and tax law. He is well-equipped to find discrepancies and paper trails that other lawyers might miss.

He Will Look For Red Flags, Including:

  • Understating or undervaluing marital property

  • Overstating marital expenses

  • Creating false debt

  • Underreporting income

  • Delaying bonuses or raises

  • Transferring property to a third party

Securing What Is Rightly Yours

The end of a marriage is the end of a partnership. Much like a fair division of business assets, an equitable division of marital assets allows you to leave the marriage on secure financial footing.

As your legal advocate, attorney Goldstein will make your goals his own and aggressively fight to secure a fair financial outcome. To take ownership of your future, email us or call today.

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