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After The Divorce: Post-Judgment Concerns

Most people consider the dissolution of a marriage as the end of the divorce process, but that is not always the case. There is often more in store for both parties during the post-judgment phase. While some post-divorce disputes may seem petty or trivial, it helps to have a divorce attorney on your side to work through any issues that may arise. If you need assistance with a post-judgment issue, get experienced help.

Subject To Dispute

Once a divorce is finalized, the court issues an order of agreement, stipulating costs, responsibilities and more. It’s important for divorcing couples to know they could still end up embattled in another legal matter, despite the fact that they are no longer husband and wife. Simple divorces that do not involve children rarely involve any post judgments. However, all orders of the agreement are subject to dispute.

If you cannot reach an agreement, the elements of pursuing a post-judgment motion are straightforward. The steps involve:

  • Sending a notice to the ex-spouse that there is an area of dispute with a brief description of the disputed items

  • Making an offer or attempting to resolve the dispute (mediation may be a condition precedent to litigation)

  • Resolving the matter in court when all else fails

Lingering Issues

Child custody can present a slippery slope if both parents assume shared responsibility when it comes to making important decisions in their children’s lives. When it comes to joint custody, having both parents work together is key. However, divorced parents have a proven track record of failing as partners, and it is sometimes inevitable that disputes will arise in the future. Their inability to settle those disputes could lead to further legal action which requires the intervention of a court.

Refusing to pay for certain expenses of children is another frequent cause of post-judgment disputes. When support orders are questioned or compromised, it could lead formerly married couples right back into court.

When Legal Disputes Arise

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