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Child Support Obligation Attorney in Lake County & Cook County, Illinois

Securing Adequate Support For Your Child

A fixed child support amount and payment schedule are often paramount to maintaining stability in the custodial home. While child support matters can be contentious, providing adequate financial support for a child is an important parental responsibility. For help establishing a fair child support amount or enforcing a support award, turn to

The Income Shares Model

Both the paying and receiving parents have an obligation to do what is best for their child. Support funds are used to provide for the child’s basic needs and should not be viewed as a windfall by the receiving parent or as punishment by the paying parent.

A fair support agreement should meet the needs of the child and parents alike. Illinois courts calculate child support using the income shares model, which factors in net income and the number of children the paying parent is financially responsible for.

Because failing to follow a support order can cause financial hardship for the custodial home and consequently your child, violations are taken seriously.

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Support Obligations For Children Over 18

It is a common misconception that once a child turns 18 and becomes emancipated, the parents have no further obligations. Adult children in college, those who suffer from a mental or physical disability and those otherwise not emancipated may require ongoing support even after legally attaining adulthood.

It seems only fair that a parent should not be able to shed responsibility for a child who cannot take care of him or herself. The court can order the physically disabled, handicapped or otherwise unemancipated child to receive child support, contribution to medical expenses, special care as needed. When determining a support award, the court looks at the financial resources of the parents and the child and the standard of living the child would have had if the child remained in an intact home.

When it comes to college education, the courts will look at the financial resources of each parent and the child, as well as the child’s aptitude for college and the standard of living the child would have enjoyed had the marriage or parental relationship not been dissolved. As a practical matter, the court will impose a standard of reasonableness where the exact terms of the college expense are not specified in the agreement.

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