Uncompromising Pursuit Of Your Goals

At Goldstein Law Offices, your interests always come first and we make your goals our own. During our more than 40 years of practicing family law, we have seen every legal fad come and go and determined that there is only one way to assert your best interests: with informed and forceful conviction.

Our Practice Areas


Every aspect of a divorce can have a significant impact on your future. Let us attend to the details to put you on sure footing.

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Child Custody & Parental Allocation

Determining parental responsibilities and child custody can turn into a contentious battle. We can protect and enforce your parental rights.

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Support Matters

Child and spousal support matters are often high-conflict. Ensure there are no surprises or unmet expectations with our help.

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Marital Agreements

It’s important to identify and protect the assets you bring into a relationship. We can help you take steps to preserve them in the event of the unexpected.

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Furthering Your Goals At The Negotiation Table Or In The Courtroom

After more than four decades of practicing family law in the Chicago area, I’ve garnered a reputation for aggressively protecting my clients in and out of court. Whether you plan to utilize mediation or your case progresses to litigation, my familiarity with the local court systems and counselors will benefit your case.

When Experience Counts, You Can Count On A Firm With More Than 40 Years Of Experience

There Is No Such Thing As A Hidden Asset

There are very few family law cases where laws governing real estate, taxation, business and estate planning tools will not affect the outcome. My background in those practice areas augments my ability to secure a fair financial settlement and find anything the opposition attempts to hide.

Advocating For You

I believe that a lawyer’s role is not just to advise, but to advocate. Being an aggressive advocate is the most important thing your lawyer can do. My goal is to advocate for my client’s position and I will not let the positions of the judge, the opposing counsel or their client hamper your best interests.

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