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Property Division Attorney in Lake County & Cook County, Illinois

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When spouses decide to end their marriage, they must determine how to divide the debts and assets accumulated during their relationship. These decisions shape your financial health for decades afterward and should be handled with the utmost care and consideration.

Matters related to marital finances are often highly personal and can easily turn combative. To ensure you receive your fair share of marital assets, you need skilled legal help. With more than four decades of experience, is well-positioned to secure a fair divorce settlement for you.

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Nonmarital property acquired before the marriage or as a gift or inheritance during the union remains the property of that spouse. All marital property is subject to the state’s property division laws, so it is essential that all debts and assets are correctly identified.

If you and your spouse cannot reach an agreement regarding property division, the court will make a determination for you. Illinois adheres to the equitable division standard, meaning the court will divide marital property between spouses equitably but not necessarily equally. Keep in mind, a valid marital agreement can affect property division.

We can assist with the division of a wide range of marital assets, including:

  • The marital home and other real estate properties

  • Retirement accounts, pensions and profit-sharing plans

  • Investments, stocks, bonds and money market accounts

  • Business assets and professional practices

To prevent certain assets from being included in the division of marital property, one spouse may attempt to conceal assets. Fortunately, attorney Goldstein has significant experience in finance and accounting, making it nearly impossible for a spouse to hide property or funds during the divorce.

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