Parents who pay or receive child support may need to request an adjustment to their orders. The loss of a job, a serious injury or illness, or other such life events may drastically alter a person’s financial circumstances. On the other side of the coin, a promotion, new job or other such positive occurrences may see people’s financial fortunes improved. 

According to Illinois state law, the grounds for child support modifications include a substantial change in circumstances, a need to provide for the child’s health care needs, or an inconsistency between the existing order and the child support guideline. To request a modification on the grounds of guideline inconsistencies, it must have been at least three years since the order was entered or last altered. 

According to the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services, the Division of Child Support Services handles administrative child support modifications. The court handles modifications to judicial child support orders. Non-custodial parents, custodial parents or caretakers, HFS or the child support agency of another state may request child support modification reviews. 

When reviewing requests for administrative child support modifications, DCSS requests copies of each parent’s income information. For example, this may include employment pay details, financial account statements and accountings of certain expenses. Based on the information submitted, DCSS recalculates people’s child support payment amounts. This recalculation may lead to an increase or decrease in parents’ monthly obligations, or their payments may remain the same. 

Should parents take issue with the results of their modification reviews, they may request an administrative hearing or a redetermination with DCSS within 30 days. Those with judicial orders who disagree with the modification review results may contest them in court.